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Stethoscope Charms

This stunning stethoscope features beautiful, иросхожные сардинские ремни (iridescent crystal stethoscope charms). Made of 100% wool, this piece is sturdy and beautiful, perfect for a personal care use. These charms will make a beautiful addition to your stethoscope collection.

Charms, 130 Assorted Styles
Charms, Baby Feet  1 Ea
Charms, Ombre  1 Ea
Charms, Paw Print  1 Ea
Stackable Charms

CharMed Prestige UltraScope Medical Crystal

By CharMED / Prestige / UltraScope


Nurse Stethoscope

There are a few things that you should know about stethoscopes before you start using them. First, they are used to measure the body temperature and other medical symptoms. Second, they are used to measure the size of the heart and other blood vessels. Finally, they can help you to see the inside of the body. There are two types of stethoscopes- open and closed. Open stethoscopes are those that are open at the top and closed at the bottom. They are usually used to measure the size of the heart and other blood vessels. The two types of stethoscopes should be used in different places on the body- one in the morning and one in the evening.

Nurse With Stethoscope

This nurse with stethoscope has a charmed crystal stethoscope charm's paw print. This chrismed stethoscope is made of materials such as plastic and metal that is durable and sturdy. This nurse's stethoscope is perfect for examining people with heart disease, respiratory problems, and more. the charmed crystal stethoscope is a great way to have a perfect listening experience when treating sick people. It is made of 100% charmed crystal, and has a beautiful ombre style with dark green and white patterns. This stethoscope has four settings: treble, vocoder vocoder the nurse stethoscope stackable charms are perfect for those who want the convenience of a medical crystal without the price tag. These stethoscopes are easy to take on and off and have a comfortable design for anyone user. The ultra-clear glass is easy to see in and provides the best medical care. this! Stethoscope charm is made of charmed crystal and is perfect for those who appreciate a good time. It is a perfect addition to any stethoscope collection.